Mookkie™ – The Pet Bowl with A.I

Mookkie™ – The Pet Bowl with A.I

PRICE: $ 299.00

Mookkie™ – The Pet Bowl with A.I

PRICE: $299.00
01 October 2019

Do your pets fight in food time, with some of them ending up unfed? Do some wandering 'food-thieves' steal your pets food?

If the answer is yes, then Mookie will be your new must-have gadget! 

Mookkie is a feeding device for pets that visually recognizes you pet's face with artificial intelligence. An integrated camera catches the animals approaching, then the image is processed, and the panel opens only if the paired pet is close to Mookkie.

With the Mookkie app you will get instant notifications and short video clips to your phone, to know if your cat has eaten its food while you are not at home.

Its anti-ant system keeps bugs, flies, and insects away, and makes sure your pet's food is fresh!

Volta® TechnologyVolta® Artificial Intelligence
Food BowlRemovable, Magnetic Mechanism
Mookkie AppNotifications, Short Video Clips
Night LightYes
Sliding Panel MaterialTransparent Polycarbonate
Anti-Ant SystemYes
PersonalizationColor, Name