Mi Home Sweeping Robot by Xiaomi

Mi Home Sweeping Robot by Xiaomi

PRICE: $ 254.00

Mi Home Sweeping Robot by Xiaomi

PRICE: $254.00
19 November 2019

Mi Robot Vacuum by Xiaomi is a highly advanced robotic housekeeper uses a Laser Distance Sensor (LDS)—an in-house developed technology—which allows it to scan its surroundings 360º, 1800 times/sec, and is equipped with a slew of Xiaomi-style developments that will allow you to clean your home quickly and efficiently.The Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a highly intelligent home cleaning device and will become your great assistant for cleaning the house.

Powerful Suction:1800 Pa 
Control:App remote control
Battery:5200 mAh Li-ion
Scan:360 degrees
Measurement:1800 times / s
Max Measurement Range:6 m
Measurement Error:≤ 2 %