Memobird Mobile Printer by Knectek Labs

Memobird Mobile Printer by Knectek Labs

PRICE: $ 69.95

Memobird Mobile Printer by Knectek Labs

PRICE: $69.95
04 August 2019

Memobird Mobile Printer lets you print and send personalized paper messages to friends and loved ones. Memobird’s dedicated App allows you to share, receive and print notes, messages, recipe, and images on your phone, tablet, or desktop device.

Are you a teacher? What a great way to commend your students—show their effort worth it. You can personalize a message to your aging parents to expressing your genuine care or surprise your children about what you think of them.

Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enables you to share the experience with loved ones who’d like to print their notes or memo from their phones. Memobird mini mobile printer allows you to connect and print.  Either with a sticky, colored or any other papers, you don’t need ink to personalize, visualize your idea.

Colors:Green, Pink
Wi-Fi Connectivity:2.4 GHz frequency required
Power Consumption:≤ 10W
Weight: 151g (Do not include paper)
Type of Paper: Thermal paper, paper width 2.25"(58mm)
Power Supply: DC5V/2A
Printing Mode:Cloud Mode, Local Mode
Size:114(L) x 89(W) x 64(H) mm
What’s in the box:1.MEMOBIRD Printer
2.MEMOBIRD Power Adapter
3.User Manual and Warranty