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Meet Zen’s Float Tank, To Calm And Recharge Away From All Distractions

Meet Zen’s Float Tank, To Calm And Recharge Your Mind And Body

Have you ever dreamt of emptying of your mind from all thoughts, of isolating yourself from all distractions? Have you ever managed to loosen each and every muscle group in your body, until you feel you are about to melt on the floor?

Zen’s Float Tank does just about that, for it provides an ideal and convenient means of deeply relaxing and invigorating your whole being. When using the floating chamber, you turn off all sensory input from your environment, with the help of 200 gallons of water, adjusted to match your skin temperature, and a significant amount of Epsom salt. Your mind enters a slower, almost dream-like state, similar to what you would feel just before drifting into a deep sleep, while your body is given the chance to heal itself, as it stays afloat.


What zero gravity does is help to relax all muscles, thereby leading to a more proper alignment of the spine. The heat from the water then helps your body to release its toxins, as the blood vessels dilate and blood circulation is improved; oxygen-rich blood flows into the tired muscles and can ultimately provide some relief from injuries, illnesses, as well as everyday stress. At the same time, the presence of 800 pounds of magnesium- and sulfur-rich Epsom salts support the healing process, aiding the restoration of your balance and overall health.


Using Zen’s deluxe floating chamber regularly can benefit your wellbeing in a number of ways and even prove to be therapeutic in cases of:

* Muscle pain, sprains or tendonitis; floating offers instant pain relief and help in the recovery and rehabilitation of your muscles, as pressure is taken off muscles, joints and bones; moreover, the Epsom salt is easily absorbed from the body and proves equally helpful

* Anxiety and depression; as you deprive yourself from all sensory stimulation, you will gradually acquire greater mental clarity, reduce stress, and feel more relaxed

* Decreased memory performance, concentration and though processing; giving your mind a break, allowing yourself some time and space to just breathe, will ultimately help you focus, stimulate deep thinking and creativity

* Floating can also be an important tool in visualizing your success; before your session, it is always a good idea to mentally prepare yourself by coming up with a meditation plan or a goal regarding a work or life topic that is important to you, in order to achieve this


Zen’s Float Tank has been designed to bring some much needed tranquility and relief in your life, providing a very effective way to calm and relax almost instantly. All you have to do is isolate yourself by entering the float tank, immerse yourself in Epsom salt water, let go, and let it take care of you. Feel the weight lifting off your body and mind, and wake up tranquil and revitalized.

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