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Meet the Whiteshark Mix Underwater Scooter by Sublue

Swimming underwater is a dream thousands of humans carry in their hearts, but only a few actually get to live. Most people assume that swimming in the ocean poses a huge risk, as they are swimming with no support, and think that their body weight, along with their diving gear, is too heavy to hold them up. Although this may hold true, it does not mean that you should shy away from your dreams. The all-new Whiteshark Mix Underwater Scooter is an easy-to-use-and-handle scooter that makes for the perfect companion when swimming in the ocean.

Why Should You Consider The Whiteshark Mix Underwater Scooter by Sublue?

The Whiteshark Mix Underwater Scooter is the perfect companion for when you are swimming, diving, and snorkeling in deep waters. It allows you to easily glide around without letting the weight of your gear hold you back.


Functional Body - It comes as no surprise that swimming in the ocean is not an easy task, for it requires a great deal of effort and experience that comes with time. Which is why you need the perfect underwater scooter that will enhance your overall experience. With its dual propellers, the Whiteshark Mix Underwater Scooter is able to generate 8.8 lbf of thrust, reaching a speed of 3.3 mph. Moreover, the underwater scooter is lightweight and designed as a handy system, so that you can completely focus on your surroundings.

Capture The Action - Moreover, the Whiteshark Mix Underwater Scooter has been built keeping all your requirements in mind, which is why it carries a built-in mount to help you record your underwater adventure, and is able to reach 131 feet in depth, for a complete experience.

Battery Life - Its 11000mAh battery is what offers the ability for a smooth and long lasting experience, so you can rest assured knowing that you will not have to swim back up using your own strength. You can easily glide around for a good 30 minutes on a fully charged battery before it runs out. In addition, there is a battery status indicator that drops along, which allows you to monitor battery usage and informs you when exactly to head back.

Design - One of the best features of this underwater scooter is its compact and stylish design. The handles are ideally located so that you can easily take sharp turns without creating an underwater disturbance. Moreover, its power buttons are placed under the handle, so all you have to do is press them. Additionally, the Whiteshark Mix Underwater Scooter offers the flexibility to let you swim, snorkel, or dive. In addition, the propeller carrier is placed away from your fingers, to keep you completely safe at all times.

Explore Ecologically - The Whiteshark Mix Underwater Scooter offers you the chance to ecologically explore the underwater world. The battery used in the device follows the aviation rules, with respect to the natural surroundings.