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Meet The Foldable Transboard, A State-Of-The-Art Three-Wheel Electric Scooter by Mercane Wheels

Are you dreaming of a way to travel short distances that is eco-friendly, and on any kind of surface? Are you searching for a vehicle that operates by electric power, and suitable for use whether out and about in the city or in the country, for either leisure or work purposes? Are you thinking of your commute to and from work in a way that is more enjoyable, avoiding rush-hour traffic and feeling freer? Are you looking forward to your safe and pleasurable journeys, with your personal vehicle being so light and compact that you can carry it anywhere with you? Transboard may well be the answer to all of your wishes and desires!

Transboard by Mercane Wheels is a stylish three-wheel electric scooter with cool features. It is great fun and an immense joy to ride. It gives you a feeling of freedom, as any scooter does, but also offers so much more. Furthermore, it is safer and more practical than the standard electric kickboard or self-balancing scooter.


Marcane Wheels has done an excellent job designing and manufacturing this mobile electric vehicle. Transboard is designed like a reversed tricycle. And its frame bears three wheels: the two larger ones are at the front, whereas the third and smaller one is at the back. It features a double wishbone suspension, which gives it stability and makes it safe to drive on any terrain and under any conditions. You will be surprised by how smooth your ride will feel.

Transboard’s frame is made of die-cast aluminum alloy through a CNC process, which renders the vehicle sturdy and strong. You can be sure that you will enjoy a perfect ride even on bumpy terrain, as all external shocks are absorbed by polycarbonate, a strong yet light material that makes Transboard’s trim. This also gives Transboard a beautiful color and a stylish glossy finish.

This super electric vehicle is equipped with a LED display which shows various data that include speed, distance traveled, among others. The LED display can be controlled via six buttons at the bottom in a way that is straightforward and completely fuss-free. These buttons can set the display mode and many parameters such as lights, speed, and distance to travel.


Transboard is able to deliver a high performance thanks to its 500W BLDC hub motor. It can transport anyone that weighs up to 100 kg, reaching a maximum speed of 25 km/hr. In addition, Transboard travels 30 km on a single battery charge that can take up to 6 hours.

Transboard is super simple to use and super easy to fold and move around. It is designed having your best interest in mind, your safety as well as comfort and pleasure, and built using the most advanced technology. Driving it is not at all a complicated process, as its self-balancing system makes it really easy to ride. It also instantly folds in one move, for it has a special folding mechanism, and is incredible practical and convenient to carry around with you, like a light travel suitcase on wheels would be.


Transboard successfully represents the future of personal, eco-friendly transportation, and is here to provide an unforgettable experience. It is a great eco-friendly solution to your short distance travel requirements. A high-tech, yet simple and practical, user- and eco-friendly product that can safely, quickly and conveniently transport you from A to B. You will be cruising around and arriving at your destination more quickly and easily, being less tired, as relaxed and happy as possible. Transboard has you covered, and guarantees maximum satisfaction.

So are you convinced, do you now wish to own a Transboard yourself, are you eager to make it your next purchase? Just do so, make your dreams a reality, get your personal three-wheel electric scooter carrier and enjoy the ride!