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Meet Tapplock one+, The Ultimate, State-of-the-art Smart Fingerprint Padlock

Tapplock one+ represents the new generation of smart padlocks that everyone should have in their possession. It is taking advantage of all the latest technological advancements, is super quick and easy to use, and guarantees to never disappoint you.

Tapplock one+ can be unlocked in three different ways, whether remotely or not: (i) by fingerprint recognition, (ii) via Bluetooth connection and the Tapplock application, or (iii) by a combination of short-pressing and long-pressing its power button, in a Morse Code-like way. If you choose to unlock your Tapplock by using its fingerprint sensor, then prepare yourself to be amazed, as the process becomes faster and faster each time, and can be achieved in under 0.8 of a second! Plus, your padlock has the huge capacity of storing 500 different fingertips, so just imagine how many people you can allow access to. This is much more than most other smart padlocks out there on the market.


Tapplock one+ is a state-of-the-art lock with a unique double-layer design, and is made of reinforced steel shackles that are 7mm in width. In addition, your padlock is always protected from curious eyes through its advanced anti-shim and anti-pry finishing touches.

Tapplock one+ can still function in hot or freezing cold environments, covering a surprisingly wide range of temperatures, between -20oC and +65oC. It is waterproof and completely weather-proof. IP67, which is a robust, industrial material, is what makes it work even when it gets completely submerged in water. Feel confident as the manufacturer ensures that your padlock remains unbreakable under attack, will not gather dust, and also will never rust.


Tapplock one+ has a strong, long-life battery that manages to support 3,500 unlocks per charge, which can be equivalent to one full year of usage. You can rest assured knowing that your padlock will notify you when power drops below the 10% limit by a blinking red light. And just in case the battery completely runs out, do not despair, for it can be almost instantly awaken by simply being charged for 8 seconds, using any portable power bank. Can it get any more practical and convenient than this?

The relevant application of the Tapplock one+ padlock offers many interesting features with the purpose of easing your use of it, and these features include: (i) being able to tell what the remaining battery percentage is; (ii) setting up user access, whether permanently or for a limited period of time, by specifically choosing the date and time; (iii) managing user access, as well as fingertip identity and recognition.


If you are looking into the best way of keeping what is important and close to you safe and sound, then you do not have to look further than Tapplock one+. All you need to do is choose your color of preference, between Midnight Black, Sterling Silver, and Black Metal, and then just purchase it and start using it. You will not be able to find a padlock that is smarter, more secure or durable than this one.