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Meet GlideCycle PT X-Runner, And Enjoy Pain-Free Running On Wheels!

Are you an avid runner? But does your body start to hurt after a while, your legs and joints perhaps? Do you hope that you never give up and wish that you can run forever? Then try the GlideCycle PT X-Runner, the running cycle that has been designed especially for you, and rediscover your passion!

But even if you are not a super athlete and are just a beginner, please do not be discouraged, for the GlideCycle PT X-Runner has been developed for use by people of any fitness level and irrespective of their age, as long as their weight and height are within the limits set by the company.


The GlideCycle PT X-Runner is a running bicycle, a piece of “body unweighting equipment”, as this is called. What this does is provide you with the means to run with wheels, which is basically a weightless and painless way of running training. It allows you to run so easily and fast, and is incredibly fun!

The GlideCycle PT X-Runner is a revolutionary discovery. It features an amazing saddle that is set up to lift most of your body weight, in fact up to 90% of it, therefore leaving your muscles free to do workout but without actually feeling any of the pain, how exciting is this?

The GlideCycle PT X-Runner is incredibly lightweight, weighing in at 37 pounds only, but at the same time quite powerful and sturdy, as it can lift up to 250 lbs. Its frame is constructed of chrome-moly steel, a strong and durable quality material, which is then triple-coated with powder paint, and is finally zinc- and chrome-plated. All this processing and finish is what gives the GlideCycle PT X-Runner manufacturer the ability to offer you a five-year warranty.


The height of the GlideCycle PT X-Runner measures at 74.8 inches, and that of the wheel base at 68 inches. Its two wheels are 20 inches in diameter and 1.5 inch wide. To achieve the best results and ultimate comfort, the GlideCycle PT X-Runner comes in three different sizes: (i) Standard size, for people who are between 5 feet and 6 feet 2 inches high, (ii) Shorty size, for the people who are between 4 feet 2 inches and 5 feet in height, and (iii) Tall size, for the ones who are as high as 6 feet 6 inches.

The GlideCycle PT X-Runner can easily and quickly be assembled for you to use, or disassembled into five parts for you to store or transport, using its custom carry bag. And it includes a series of safety features, for that required peace of mind, which include a steering limiter, locking hand brakes, as well as foot rest.


So if you are passionate about running, do not even give it a second thought, start using the GlideCycle PT X-Runner, and enjoy the benefits of running for miles and miles, without feeling any pain whatsoever. Experience the benefits of weightless running with wheels, and the chances are that you will never go back to the way you used to run before!