Manta Roller - The Health Foam Roller

Manta Roller - The Health Foam Roller

PRICE: £ 35.00

Manta Roller - The Health Foam Roller

PRICE: £35.00
28 September 2019

After a hectic day at work, office, or workout sessions, it’s good to mobilize your spine and give your muscles some fair treatment. Manta foam roller is the performer that provide rapid acceleration of your spine contours.

Unlike other foam rollers, Manta health foam roller reaches for muscles, joints, and other vital structures to deliver thorough treatment for the entire back. The outer curves of Manta are specially designed to provide therapy for the whole back—no structures are left out.

Made of hollow plastic, the central core provides strength and durability to make your fitness assistant last for years. Environment-conscious, the firm EVA foam reduces the constant need for foam replacement.

Always feeling pain or living a sedentary life? This physical therapy foam roller is perfect for alleviating muscle and joint pain. Order now for your in-house health and fitness assistant.

MaterialCentral Core: Hollow Plastic,
On the Outside: A layer of Firm EVA Foam
Suitable forThe Whole Body, Especially Designed for the Back
Environmentally FriendlyMinimises the Amount of EVA Foam Needed