LeGrow - The Modular Garden For Any Space

LeGrow - The Modular Garden For Any Space

PRICE: $ 249.00

LeGrow - The Modular Garden For Any Space

PRICE: $249.00
22 March 2019

Improve your indoor decoration with the LeGrow Smart Garden, a complete indoor garden ecosystem which allows you to build your garden into limitless creations. Due to the modular setup where each individual planter pot acts as a building block, your can transform your garden the way you want. Except the planter pots, the ecosystem includes LED grow lamps, humidifiers, and a unique Power Pot with 4 USB charging ports. Planter pots have embedded an internal water reservoir for not only capturing the excess water but also preventing it from spilling out. Make your own unique plant arrangements with LeGrow Smart Garden.

LED Lamp:
Has 2 LED bulbs.
Adjustable height.
Maximum output: 50,000 lumens
More than 30 ml of water per hour.
Water storage capacity lasts 6 hours.
Power Pot:
4 USB ports with DC 5V.
Total output power: 36W.
Input voltage: 100-240V AC.
Base Growing Pot:85*85*100mm
Base Tray: 255*85*20mm
Connector: 70*70*30m