KettlebellConnect™ - The Smart kettlebell by JAXJOX

KettlebellConnect™ - The Smart kettlebell by JAXJOX

PRICE: £ 299.00

KettlebellConnect™ - The Smart kettlebell by JAXJOX

PRICE: £299.00
03 October 2019

The Kettlebell Connect is a sleekly designed, space-efficient gym equipment that helps improve your physical fitness and keeps you in shape. An attractive feature for the Kettlebell Connect is that it is very easy to switch weights mid-session. You can add and drop weights in approximately 3 seconds, saving you a lot of time.

It can also be connected to the JaxJox smartphone App, this keeps track of your workout, crunching your sets, reps and rest time to give you valuable fitness feedback. The KettleBell Connect can hold a maximum of 6 users at a time and has 15 hours’ battery life from a single full charge. Also, with curated workouts from your smartphone App, your sessions are guaranteed to more fun and ultimately purposeful and fulfilling.

Dimensions12x16x12 in (430x650x430mm)
Weight42 lbs
Product Weight with Packaging49 lbs
Adjustable Weight12lbs, 18lbs, 24lbs, 36lbs, 42lbs
Sensors6 Avis Family of Motion Sensors
BatteryBase Battery: Advanced Rechargeable Cylinder Lithium-Ion Battery 
Shell Battery: Li-ion Polymer Battery, Lasts up to 14 Hours on a Single Charge
DisplayLCD Display with Translucent Lens
Connects Up to 9 Users
Battery Lasts Up to 14 hours