iSommelier Pro - The Smart Decanter by iFAVINE

iSommelier Pro - The Smart Decanter by iFAVINE

PRICE: ¥ 8,888.00

iSommelier Pro - The Smart Decanter by iFAVINE

PRICE: ¥8,888.00
16 September 2019

Do you want to take your wine aeration process to the next level? iSommelier Pro is the perfect, quick wine decanter. As one of the best wine decanter, iSommelier Pro allows highly concentrated and purified oxygen to pass through your wine, making the aroma and flavors perceivable.

Unlike traditional wine decanters, iSommelier offers efficient and faster aeration process while companion iFAVINE mobile App offers wireless control. Besides, the app lets you access wine and winery information while the iFAVINE apps also create an environment to interact with professionals. You can even relate with other winemakers and consumers.

The touch control panel offers seamless control of your decanter. You can start, pause, or stop the decanting process, as well as set your favorite decanting time. Either for home or commercial use, order iSommelier Pro now.

Model No.D033, D038
ColorBlack, Burgundy, White
VoltageEU: 220-240V~ US: 120V~
PowerEU: 80-90W US: 70W
Connectivity (D033)Wireless 802.11 b/g
Requires a 2.4GHz Router
Device Compatibility (D033)iOS, Android 4+