Ironic Speaker by OMA

Ironic Speaker by OMA

PRICE: $ 95,000.00

Ironic Speaker by OMA

PRICE: $95,000.00
20 January 2020

The Ironic Speaker by OMA is an open baffle type, created from an excellent quality of iron, with no enclosure. To produce this speaker, OMA used the hypoeutectic gray iron (high graphite content), which is also being used in high technology applications such as photolithography machines for silicon chip production, to reduce its vibration to an absolute minimum level. This prooves that the Ironic speaker will not give out a resonating noise, instead the output will be perfect.

Iconic Speaker's molds are 3D printed in sand, and each mold is consumed and destroyed in the casting procedure. Its production process is very expensive, since every single Ironic requires a new, 3D printed mold.

The exceptional combination of inverters used in the Ironic, a 15" electrodynamic or field coil woofer used in Juke Boxes from the 1930's, and the bleeding edge custom ribbon tweeter, were put together by OMA to make an open baffle speaker of unprecedented efficiency, at least 104db across most of its passband.

The Ironic Speaker by OMA comes in a limited edition of ten pairs only.


  • Height: 52"
  • Width: 35"
  • Depth: 12" (max)