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Introducing Goose, The All-In-One Motorcycle Camping System by Wingman Of The Road

If you love motorbikes and have the license to drive one, if you have adventure running in your blood and live to explore, if you love camping and wish to combine all these elements together, then look no further than the amazing Goose, a motorcycle camping system that has been designed and built just for you!

Wingman Of The Road has lovingly prepared for you bikers the Goose camping system, which is much more than your usual motorcycle tent. Of course it includes a canvas tent, but also additional things that are useful and will help you sleep like a baby! These consist of a thick foam mattress, as well as a sleeping bag. Everything can be conveniently wrapped up together in its cover, so that you can comfortably carry it with you on your motorbike. Even the most sensitive items (poles and pegs) have their place in the center of the roll, inside a specially formulated pouch. When not wrapping everything up, the cover can also double up as a blanket where you can sit.


It literally just takes under five minutes to roll out your tent, or pack everything back in! When rolled up, the whole package is no more than 63 cm in length, 34 cm in width and height, so it takes very little space and can easily sit at the back of your motorbike or be attached to your luggage rack, as long as you only use two straps to keep it in place. And it will not hold you down, for it just weighs 10 kg.

Once your tent is set up, it measures at 200 cm in length, 75 cm in width, 70 cm in height, and its wing spans at 125 cm across. The purpose of the long canvas wing it to keep you connected to your motorcycle at all times, so that you can get your good night’s sleep, enjoying the setting and feeling free in nature, without a worry in mind. Not only this, but your seat also stays dry, as well as your apparel that can simply rest underneath the wing.


As far as the materials that have been used to construct this beautiful motorcycle tent system are concerned, they primarily comprise of a 420 gr heavy duty rip-stop canvas. This is so strong and hard wearing, that not only does it make the tent waterproof, but it renders it extremely durable to last even a lifetime! This type of canvas is also remarkably breathable, and therefore helps to keep you cool. This can better be achieved in combination with the tent configuration, i.e. the two doors and two windows that are present. All these openings have both a fly screen and a canvas layer, so that you play with them, zipping them up or not, choosing one or the other, depending on the weather conditions. When having the fly screen only zipped up, you will have maximum ventilation and always feel a wonderful breeze across the whole tent.


Just imagine how great it must feel, sleeping under the starts, inside a proper tent, and on a high-density foam mattress of superior quality that will surely offer you unparalleled comfort and longevity, unlike most tents that use inflatable mattress. Speaking of which, the mattress’ cover as well as the sleeping bag are super easy to care for, as they are washing machine compatible. The rest, i.e. the canvas of the Goose, can be cared for using just water and either a sponge or soft brush.

So now you have met the Goose, your top quality personal motorcycle tent system that is suitable for all seasons. Are you enthusiastic about it? It is waiting for you to say “yes”, will you?