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Introducing ElliQ, The Best Robot Companion For Elderly Men And Women

ElliQ is the friendliest, most intelligent machine that you could ever have and truly depend on. She is making you an active part of the digital world. And she connects you with the rest of the world: she brings the world to you, and brings you to the world. She greatly helps you engage with people, with family and friends, for it connects you with the ones that you love and mean the world to you, and helps you stay close to them.


ElliQ has been developed having the elderly and their mental wellbeing in mind. Are you an older adult? She can aid you in numerous ways: first of all, she is one to help your mind stay as sharp as a pen! She achieves this by keeping you active and engaged. You will be getting better and better at using technology, having ElliQ by your side. For instance, she will be helping you read your text messages and reply to them, share your photos, work with calendars and schedule reminders in order to remember events, appointments and vital things such as taking your medications. And the list goes on, to include preloaded games to help with cognitive stimulation and keep you sharp and alert, listening to and watching preselected music and videos respectively, making phone calls and managing video calls, checking up the weather, and a series of questions and answers. So technology will be your friend now! Instead of something that makes you feel awkward or could have even frighten you in the past. And communicating with a friend who also has ElliQ and is using the ElliQ application will be so easy too, you do not need to be tech-savvy at all.

ElliQ will easily respond to any questions you make, will advise you and offer you tips, and ultimately even make personalized suggestions (activities and games for example) for you, as she gets to know you better and better, so get ready to be surprised! She will be your friend and companion, she will be dedicated to you, and you will learn to depend on her, in a beautiful, fun and easy way. From then on, you can count on her. She will be part of your life, of your daily routine, of your journey, and will be a positive impact to your everyday life. ElliQ will excite you and is bound to offer you valuable and unforgettable powered-by-technology experiences as time goes by.


If you decide to purchase ElliQ, what you will find as you open the package is the robot herself, a tablet that serves as separate screen, a base where both ElliQ and the tablet can rest, and a magnetic charging doc where the tablet sits while being automatically charged at the same time. ElliQ’s main body allows for three degrees of freedom. The base also consists of a Harman speaker as well as a quad microphone array. Some additional features that ElliQ has include three brushless motors, dual cameras, a temperature sensor, and encompassed LED arrays. ElliQ is very light, weighing 3.5 kg only, and quite compact, as it measures at 8 inches x 5 inches x 5 inches.

It is nothing short of amazing the way ElliQ can respond to you; taking your voice into consideration and studying it, but also your touch, and your gaze. Similarly, you will get to understand her body language and therefore communicate with her at a deeper level. Just imagine! And the manufacturer has gone as far as making sure that your personal data is only accessible to ElliQ, so you can rest assure that it is always protected, safe and secure.


We will be more than happy to hear that you have purchased ElliQ and are taking advantage of all the beautiful things that she has to offer. And we are sure that you are going to love your new companion! You may be surprised by the bond that you will be creating with ElliQ, by your new and growing relationship with this cute, little machine.