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Introducing Coffeeboxx, The World’s Toughest Portable Coffemaker

Do you love your coffee? Are you an outdoors person? Do you wish for a way to enjoy your favorite coffee no matter where you are located? Then meet Coffeebox, an outstanding heavy-duty, yet low-maintenance, portable coffeemaker that is designed by Oxx and manufactured by North Star, having your best interest and pleasure in drinking coffee in mind. Whether at work or out and about, you are now able to have your beloved coffee thanks to this super durable coffeemaker.


Coffeeboxx is a premium product, built with materials of superior quality, and is taking advantage of all the latest technology. It is a rugged coffeemaker indeed, and will last for a long, long time. In order to withstand the test of time and of any rough environment, it differs a lot compared to the counter-top coffeemakers. Coffeeboxx has been built using impact-resistant materials, and is therefore crush-proof. It has reinforced walls and consists of six stainless steel tie downs on the outside. You can easily carry it or move it around, as it is lightweight (12 lbs with its water tank empty), small (11 inches long x 9 inches wide x 11.5 inches high), features a rubberized handle, as well as a retractable power cord. Some additional characteristics include its water resistance and spill-proof water reservoir, achieved through sealing up its components. Furthermore, Coffeeboxx is guaranteed to not gather dust and to not rust.


Coffeebox features a carbon filter that is there to protect your health above everything else, by removing impurities and contaminants from the water. This ensures that your coffee is always of the best quality, and that it tastes great. The carbon filter is super easy to remove and replace, and should keep you going for about three months. Your coffeemaker will probably need descaling every three months as well, so you can conveniently schedule both maintenance activities at the same time just to make sure that you do not forget. In this way, you will be getting an optimal performance every time you turn on your Coffeebox.


With Coffeeboxx, you can choose to use single-serve pods that are either disposable or refillable. This actually produces less waste, and results in a perfect, hot and fresh, cup of coffee being ready in very little time. There is no need for filters and scoops, or carrying large amounts of coffee, for example.

Coffeeboxx just takes 30 seconds in order to heat your water to 190 degrees Fahrenheit, and brews your coffee in 75 seconds. It features a water tank that holds 84.5 oz of water, which makes it the largest one of its kind in the market. The large capacity of the coffeemaker’s water reservoir means that it can serve you up to 10 cups of coffee, depending on the cup size that you choose.


Coffeeboxx is not battery-powered, as this would just not provide enough power. A power bank would not be enough either, and certainly not practical, for it would greatly increase the weight as well as total cost of the machine. It runs on standard 120 Volt plug-in power sources, pulls 1,450 Watts and 60 Hz, and would therefore alternatively require a 2,000 Watt generator or inverter.

So whether you are looking for a break during the day, or are about to embark on an outdoor adventure, Coffeeboxx has you covered. You deserve the best cup of hot coffee, wherever you are, whatever it is that you do. So just select your color of preference, is it green, black or tan? Plug your Coffeeboxx in, fill its reservoir with water, switch on your coffeemaker and get ready to be fueled for the day in less than two minutes.