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How Does Clairy NATEDE Help You Breathe Cleaner Air Within Your Home Or Office?

It is a well-known fact that air pollution is amongst the major killers in the urban world. The pollution is not only worse outside but also in your home and office. You need to pay more attention to the quality of the air you breathe if you want to stay away from the ill effects of air pollution.

The latest product from Clairy is designed to help you clean the air in your office or home. NATEDE by Clairy is a smart and natural air purifier that uniquely combines technology and design. It doubles up as a beautiful plant holder while purifying the air in your premises.


NATEDE has a simple design that helps it blend into any decor of your home or office. It looks just like a regular plant pot, in which you can repot your existing plant. The plant in this air purifier also participates in the air purification process. The natural air purifier is made of a biomaterial or ceramic to ensure that the device remains clean throughout. And it comes with a self-watering system to limit water consumption.


What is intriguing is the technology that powers this air purifier. NATEDE can eliminate 93% of all volatile organic compounds, 99% of various kinds of bacteria and viruses, as well as fine particulate matter and bad odors that can badly affect your health, thanks to a combination of advanced sensors, a photocatalytic filter and the plant itself. The best thing about this purifier is that the filters don't ever have to be replaced, for you can easily clean and rinse them with water. If you love nature and natural products, you will definitely love this product.

Plants in NATEDE also have a significant role

NATEDE is a plant holder as well as a great air purifier. The plants in it are not there for show, as they also contribute to the air purification process. This natural air purifier utilizes the plants for removing the toxins from the air. The combination of plants, sensors and embedded technology treats the higher amount of pollutants more successfully when compared to plants in an ordinary vase. The air is quickly recycled through the plant’s soil, allowing you to breathe fresh air.


Be informed about the air quality

The air purifier features a variety of smart sensors for reading the temperature as well as humidity levels. The sensors can also monitor and detect the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and CO2 in the air. All these details are displayed on the LED interface of this smart air purifier.

The air purifier from Clairy has a dedicated application that can be used to monitor the air pollutants and control the flow of air in real time. The application comes in handy when you are away from home and wish to check on the conditions at home or NATEDE itself. Another interesting characteristic of this air purifier is its ability to connect to smart home devices so that you can also control it with your voice.


We all need a natural air filter to purify the air that we breathe. NATEDE, combining a complex technology with a unique design, does this job perfectly, while also doubling as a plant pot. You can actually control your environment by using this purifier, as you get real-time data on the quality of air. Get fresh air inside your home and office with no hassle with the help of this smart and natural air purifier.