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Find Valuable Items or Loved Ones With Augmented Reality Technology. Fobo Tag Is Here!

FOBO TAG is the world’s first tracker with Bluetooth 5 and multiple patented technologies. Aesthetically designed and meticulously engineered for functions and style, it stops loss and retrieves valuable belongings or loved ones, effectively with augmented reality. It provides four smart ways to search, removing the LOST from “Lost & Found”. It works with Android and iOS smartphones with Bluetooth 5 and 4.


Innovative Features of FOBO TAG:

  • FindME comprises five search functions to retrieve something or someone missing.
    a) Augmented Reality (AR) Search enhances the effectiveness of a search. It maps the real life surrounding with directional indications to enhance visual recognition and depth perception during a search. This AR effectively navigates you towards the missing item in a familiar or unfamiliar environment. 
    b) Group Search improves the efficiency of a search in a large area. With patented technology, FOBO TAG app lets you mobilize an enlisted team search for a missing item or loved one. The search members can individually and simultaneously search at different spots of a large area with AR Search function. This function is useful when time is an essence. 
    c) 2D Search uses directional radio signal strength, audible beep and flashing light to direct you to the FOBO TAG attached on the missing item. You can activate a strong audible beep with flashing light from FOBO TAG to detect its actual location when you are in close proximity. 
    d) Patented Crowd Search is a remote search function which other FOBO TAG app users can help locates a missing item when they come in Bluetooth range with a FOBO TAG. With Bluetooth 5 wireless technology, FOBO TAG gets detected from afar, 4 times the range of other trackers of Bluetooth 4. (USA – Patent No. US9485613 B2) 
    e) Reverse Search helps you search for the smartphone that the FOBO TAG is paired with. This function is handy when you have misplaced your phone. If you have multiple TAGs paired with your phone, you can mobilize a team search by assigning one TAG to each team member.
  • TrackME shows ON DEMAND the presence of items that you would like to track. It provides an instant summary view of those FOBO TAG that are in Bluetooth range with your smartphone. This function is handy when you have to move about with multiple belongings like during a family vacation or tracking expensive tools in a construction environment.

  • RemindME alerts you when a tracked item gets out of Bluetooth range with your smartphone, reminding that the item has been left behind or alerting that the item has been taken away or wandered off. This function stops LOSS.

  • SafeZone is a patented feature that allows the FOBO TAG app to drop its guard on a tracked item at a location where you need to detach from the item. You can set a preferred perimeter in which the RemindME function is turned off for the said tracked item. This is a useful feature when you need to detach from the item within a safe perimeter, like at home. (USA Patent No. US9614952 B2)

  • TimeZone is a patented feature that turns off the RemindME function during a time frame you set so that you can detach with the tracked item beyond the perimeter set for SafeZone. This feature is useful when you intentionally leave a tracked item in the office when having lunch away from office.

  • PromptME alerts you when a tracked item comes in Bluetooth range with your smartphone. It is useful for parents who fetch children from school events; the tracked FOBO TAG will also beep when gets in range telling the children that their parents are waiting by. A traveller can avoid the crowd and approach the airport carousel upon getting a notification as the luggage turn up and get in range with the smartphone (FOBO TAG should be leashed on the bag exterior).

  • Don’tMoveMe is a motion detection function that alerts you when the tracked item is moved. This is a safety feature that you would love when traveling alone to alert you if there is a movement of the hotel room door. You can also use to detect movement of the lid of a candy jar. If the tracked item is moved when you are away, you will still get an alert when you return; a movement log is provided. You can use this feature in a busy airport to alert you against luggage theft (FOBO TAG should be leashed on the bag exterior).

  • FOBO Share allows two users to track the same FOBO TAG together or separately. This patented feature also shows the detached user whether the tracked item is with the other user. When both of the users are detached from the tracked item, they will be alerted at once, even if they are not at the same location. This feature is useful to monitor the movement of a child at a shopping mall or a pet at a park. (Patent No.: Singapore-11201504174W, Russia-2619924, South Korea-10-1639687, Japan-JP, 6150185, B).

  • CrossPair allows you to swap from one smart device to another, seamlessly. This patented feature is useful when you change to a new phone. All installed FOBO TAGs will transfer to the new device, without the need to individually pair and install each TAG. (Patent No.: Singapore-11201504174W, Russia-2619924, South Korea-10-1639687, Japan-JP,6150185,B)


1. Bluetooth 5.0 Ready

    2. Connectivity range – Up to 120 meter with line of sight (BT5.0)

    3. Dimension (H x D): 36.5mm X 36.5mm

    4. Thickness - 4.5mm

    5. Dust and Splash Proof: IP54

    6. Battery Type – CR2025

    7. Battery life span - Up to one year

    8. Length, width, height (all in inches) – 2.72(L) x 2.96 (W) x 0.60 (H)

    9. Weight - 0.073 pounds (33 Gms)