Fathom One - The Underwater Drone For Andventures

Fathom One - The Underwater Drone For Andventures

PRICE: $ 999.99

Fathom One - The Underwater Drone For Andventures

PRICE: $999.99
21 May 2019

Most part of our world is made of water and most of the things we do revolve around it. Explore the depths of different water bodies, capture wonderful moments, and fulfill your desires as an adventurer with Fathom One underwater drone.

Properly blending the laws of physics with contemporary technology and various fields in engineering, its suite of computing power is made into the smallest underwater drone ever. It provides direction, safety, and information on how to navigate your way in the water. The Fathom One underwater drone is seamlessly synced with its app on your smartphone and the tether makes it accessible and transmits signals without the water interrupting it providing pure unrivaled quality to you. You and your loved ones can now embark on that journey with Fathom One underwater drone today.

Standard tether:100 ft
One single charge gives:at least two hours of dive time
Weight:4.5 pounds
Fathom One box includes:1x - Fathom One Hull
1x - Fathom One Right Thruster 
2x - Fathom Tail and Left Thruster 
9x - Fathom Thruster Attachment thumbnuts
1x - 100' Fathom Tether
1x - Fathom One Wifi Link
1x - Fathom One Wifi Link Antenna
1x - Fathom One Charging unit
Misc - Reading material