eSommelier Wine Cellar Management System

eSommelier Wine Cellar Management System

PRICE: $ 3,995.00

eSommelier Wine Cellar Management System

PRICE: $3,995.00
19 March 2019

When your wine collection grows to more than you can handle, it becomes difficult to manage. You need to have a fairly good idea of what wines you have and where exactly they are located. The eSommelier Wine Cellar Management System comes to give a solution and is appropriate for wine collectors like you. The software system consists of 3 parts, a touch-screen terminal, a bar code scanner and a wine barcode printer. When you acquire a new bottle, you enter it into the system in just a few seconds. A customized bar code label is printed, which you affix to the bottle. When it's time to remove a bottle, just wave it under the bar code scanner and it's automatically deleted from your inventory. Searching for a particular wine by country, region, variety, winery, drink date, cost, and other factors is as easy as touching a few buttons. You can use the system either from the terminal or from any web browser. Let eSommelier simplify your life.

26"(length) x 12"(width) x 17.25" (height)
17" touchscreen
110-240 Volts AC, Ethernet Jack