Energy Strip by Eve

Energy Strip by Eve

PRICE: € 99.95

Energy Strip by Eve

PRICE: €99.95
31 January 2020

With Energy Strip by Eve you can control three outlets with the app or Siri, while you can easily power up your home entertainment system, ambient lamp and air purifier by any connected devices. There is a built-in system for scheduling times into Eve Energy Strip, so you can set your devices work completely autonomously. 

Energy Strip, can automatically turn on the lights when you arrive back home, and turn them off when everyone leaves the house. Its smart technology protects you from electrical surge, over-current and overvoltage. 

Flaunting a matte black material body enveloped by a rock-solid aluminum frame. Complete with a durable 190 cm / 6.3 ft cable. Generously spaced 90-degree outlets. And manual controls sporting white LED power status indicators. Eve Energy Strip is here to impress, and slot seamlessly into your connected ecosystem.

It completely shuts down any power system, such as entertainment tech, kitchen gadgets, office equipment when you are not using them. You can also set scenes in a flash via Siri, your Control Center, or Apple Watch, while you can engage accessories by using the Home app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Your HomePod or Apple TV will serve as a home hub, seamlessly automating your accessories and holding you connected while out and about. Eve accessories are exclusively HomeKit-enabled.


  • Europe: AC 230 V, 50 Hz, max. 16 A / 3.680 W
  • U.S. & Canada: AC 120 V, 60 Hz, max. 15 A / 1,800 W 
  • Standby Power Consumption: < 2 W

Surge Protection: 30.000 A


  • Europe: Type E & F sockets, Type C & F appliances 
  • U.S. & Canada: Type B sockets, Type A & B appliances

Wireless Connection: Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n)


  • Europe: 44 x 64 x 316 mm, 190 cm cable
  • U.S. & Canada: 1.2 x 2.5 x 10.8 in / 32 x 64 x 276 mm, 6.3 ft / 190 cm cable