Batband - The Ear-Free Hearable by Studio Banana

Batband - The Ear-Free Hearable by Studio Banana

PRICE: $ 99.00

Batband - The Ear-Free Hearable by Studio Banana

PRICE: $99.00
29 May 2019

Innovative ear-free headphones that work by transducing sound waves through the bones of your skull. They include three sound transducers: two side ones, touching the right and left temporal bones, and a back one, in contact with the occipital bone. They keep your ears free so that you can listen to the world surrounding you, at the same time. The superior materials of their outer frame and inner padding allow them to sit comfortably at the back of your head while offering maximum comfort and minimum sound leakage. Their characteristics include a microphone, a button and an impressively long-lasting battery, as well as touch sensors, so that you can use intuitive gestures to discreetly control their main features, such as making and accepting phone calls, changing tracks, increasing/decreasing volume. Elegant, human-centered design meeting sound technology, at its best.

Material:Coated spring steel frame and sweat-resistant silicone lining
Weight:140 g. / 5 oz.
Microphone:Noise cancelling - Omnidirectional
Sensitivity: -29 ~ -23dBFS
Transducers:Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz
Sensitivity: 100 dB (side transducers), 101 dB (back transducer)
Sensors:Capacitive swipe sensor, Capacitive button, Bending sensor
Battery:Double Li-ion rechargeable battery (2x 300mAh)
Battery Life:
Playback autonomy: +4 hours, Calling autonomy: +6 hours (continuous call),
Standby autonomy: 350 hours
Approximate full charging time: 2 hours
Bluetooth:Bluetooth 4.1 
10 meters / 33 feet range 
Compatible Bluetooth profiles: HFP, HSP, A2DP, AVRCP
Compatible Operating Systems:
iOS version 8.0 or later
Android version 4.1 or later