Cone - The Charcoal Grill by hofats

Cone - The Charcoal Grill by hofats

PRICE: € 699.00

Cone - The Charcoal Grill by hofats

PRICE: €699.00
07 August 2019

The delicious taste of grilled food is something everyone looks forward to during parties and vacations. There are grills, and there are grills- the ones that give you the perfect quality of steaks every single time. CONE is the first revolutionary charcoal grill that provides an adjustable heat control system. It translates the comfort and ease of using a gas grill to your charcoal grill with real fire, real embers, and a tantalizing atmosphere.

The adjustable heat control is made possible by the principle of relating the distance of the grilled foods with the air supply. In case high heat is needed in achieving a crusty top and sealing in the juices of the meat, the control can simply be increased. Also, to reduce the heat, simply lower the coal grid, which will reduce air supply, and the temperature will automatically decrease.

It is uniquely crafted to your taste; made of 100% steel and a powder-coated heat resistant body. This fantastic addition to your kitchen aims to give you perfect and deliciously tasting steaks.

Dimensions: 60x60x105 cm
Weight: 17,00 kg