Coin Capsule by DANGO PRODUCTS

Coin Capsule by DANGO PRODUCTS

PRICE: $ 39.00

Coin Capsule by DANGO PRODUCTS

PRICE: $39.00
27 January 2020

DANGO PRODUCTS designed Coin Capsule to be your coin-wallet on your daily adventures. It is small enough to carry it on, and large enough to keep your coins organised and ready to use. 

American coins bare a unique design and size, familiar to anyone that uses them. Coin Capsule keeps your USA dollar coins in an organized way for your daily use.

Whenever you are on a vending machine or transporting collectible coins, this capsule pack a hefty load!

  • Twist top for easy access
  • Loop hole for tethering and attachments
  • Machined from 6061 aerospace grade aluminum
  • Available in anodized jet black and satin silver
  • Comes equipped with a stainless steel clip
  • Holds $5.44 - 16 quarters, 10 dimes, 7 nickels and 9 pennies
  • Made in USA