Classic 2.0 SE + Wireless Charger by woolet

Classic 2.0 SE + Wireless Charger by woolet

PRICE: $ 159.00

Classic 2.0 SE + Wireless Charger by woolet

PRICE: $159.00
09 January 2020

Woolet is a handcrafted leather wallet by experienced craftsmen who work with using no machine during the production process. This process makes every wallet unique. 

By using the Woolet app  and synchronize it with your wallet (Woolet), you may have many benefits. You can receive information on your device every time Woolet is ''out of reach'', to find it in the last seen location. In case you lose your Woolet, just activate the alarm sound to find it immediately. This app is the one that makes this wallet smart. 

Another benefit is that you can contact with the whole ''Woolet community''  to help you have the lost or even stolen Woolet. 

The electronic panel used in the wallet is just invisible and it does not make it thicker. 

  • Wireless charging
  • Synchronized with the mobile app
  • Integrated electronics
  • Alarm (Movement Detector)
  • Wool lining 
  • Bluetooth tracker integrated
  • 118 x 88 mm
  • Holds 4 up to 8 cards
  • Stores flat bills
  • Full-grain cowhide leather


  • Rechargeable on QI-compatible pads
  • Can’t be removed
  • Only 1mm thick
  • No bulkiness
  • Protected by HIPS