Change Arm by EXPAIN

Change Arm by EXPAIN

PRICE: € 109.00

Change Arm by EXPAIN

PRICE: €109.00
14 January 2020

Change Arm by EXPAIN informs the user of unconscious muscle activity in the under arm with biofeedback. If you are suffering from overloading pain, Change Arm is a revolutionary enlightenment product which helps to prevent any further muscle injuries from sedentary or static stressful postures. It is a wearable device which enables the user to remove the cause of their pain by simply attaching it underarm with an elastic strap.

It measures and analyzes user's muscle activity and vibrates when it detects a muscle activity pattern that might lead to potential pain. This vibration is just a reminder to you, to take a small break or just to change a position. When you have your micro-break, the muscle relaxes and easily recovers from static or long-term activity. Its aim is to teach you how regularly you should take micro-breaks for your own health. 

You can also use the device as a tool in making your workstation more ergonomic and detecting what activities during the day may cause you pain. Change Arm, can be used without being connected in any device, except if you want to get the most out of it. In this case, just connect it with your smartphone. Its measuring technology analyses and sends muscle data to your smartphone for your fully updated.

Weight: 0.25 kg

Dimensions: 13.6 × 5.2 × 12 cm

Charging Contact: USB micro

Battery: approx. 25 hours

Charge time: 1 hour