Carbon Fiber by The Ridge Wallet

Carbon Fiber by The Ridge Wallet

PRICE: € 103.95

Carbon Fiber by The Ridge Wallet

PRICE: €103.95
17 July 2019

The Ridge is a modern, slim front pocket wallet that keeps your everyday carry in check while eliminating the bulk. It is made from Carbon Fibre which is three times tougher than steel and one-fifth its weight. It comes in two varieties: Cash trap or Money clip, which enables you to keep cash, parking tickets, scan-able cards and so on.

It can hold several cards ranging from 1 to 12 without stretching and if you're on the lower end of the scale, the wallet's lack of bulk is extremely noticeable. Imagine carrying stuff without knowing you are. How cool is that?

The aluminum casing that gives it such an appealing look can keep its quality even after a lot of use and its elastic band never slacks. It's space dimensions (86 × 54 × 6mm) with a weight of 2 ounces makes for a compact design that far and away appeals to a large demographic.

Because of its Radio Frequency Identification (RFID-blocking) configuration, the wallet guarantees security; prevents wireless identity theft.

Holds:1-12 cards without stretching out
Blocks RFID (wireless theft):Yes
Warranty:lifetime warranty
Made of:3k carbon fiber weave | matte finish
Weight: 1.6 oz | 86 x 54 x 6 mm