C4 Portable Grill by M Grills

C4 Portable Grill by M Grills

PRICE: $ 125.00

C4 Portable Grill by M Grills

PRICE: $125.00
21 October 2019

If you're an outdoor activity lover, or you live in a small apartment such as a college dorm, the C4 portable Grill by M Grills is the perfect grill solution for you. It's built like a tank and can also work as a portable fire pit, steak searing machine, and a portable stove. After you finish cooking, you only need to close the lid and fasten the latch. You can dump the ashes at a safe place, or reuse them later.

Material: Heavy duty 12 gauge steel and solid 304 stainless steel 
Cooking Surface:12" X 7"
 Overall Height:10.5" 
Overall Width:7.5" 
Overall Length (including latch):13.5" 
Available Colors: Black or Forest Green