C SEED 201 - The World's Largest Outdoor TV

C SEED 201 - The World's Largest Outdoor TV


C SEED 201 - The World's Largest Outdoor TV

15 September 2019

C SEED 201 is the world’s largest outdoor TV featuring a 201" LED screen. At a screen size of 201 inches, C SEED stands for the perfect outdoor TV for your viewing purposes. Ground retractable, moisture repellant, wide viewing and more delivers unparalleled HDTV viewing experience.

Remote controlled, it takes about 15 seconds for your C SEED to attain its fuller height from its underground casing and takes just another 25 seconds for the seven 7 massive LED panel to unfold—this makes for effortlessly outdoor TV viewing experience.

The brilliant LED design makes for 10X brightness than regular TVs.

Fifteen high-quality speakers boast unparalleled plus distortion-free acoustics under any weather condition.

With built-in environmental sensors, C SEED is fully protected from wind, temperature and other damaging outdoor conditions. For a smart outdoor TV offering unparalleled outdoor viewing experience, order now.

Brightness4.500nits, Manual Control
Processing Depth16bit per Color
Color Spectrum281 Trilion Colors
Refresh Rate3.840Hz
Contrast Ratio4.500:1
Color Temperature6.500-9.000K
Viewing AngleHorizontal: 140 Degrees
Vertical: 80 Degrees
LED FixingsBack-Service
Broadband SpeakerFrequency Range: 40 Hz - 25 kHz
Peak Out: 6 x 250 Watt
SubwooferFrequency Range: 24 Hz - 200 Hz
Peak Out: 3 x 700 Watt