Byte - The Smart Indoor Garden by AVA

Byte - The Smart Indoor Garden by AVA

PRICE: $ 399.00 $229.00

Byte - The Smart Indoor Garden by AVA

PRICE: $399.00 $229.00
03 November 2019

AVA Byte is an automated indoor smart garden. You can grow Tomatoes, herbs, salad greens, peppers, berries, mushrooms, edible flowers, micro greens, medicinal herbs, tea leaves, saplings, aloe vera, root vegetables, and more. With AVA's smart app. you can change plant growth, monitor water and light levels, and plan meals. Growing your own edible smart garden you save money, time, and be always sure about the quality of food.

Price Include:AVA Byte + HD Camera
Dimensions (Base): 18" x 4.75" x 7.5" (45.75 x 12 x 19 cm)
Weight (Empty): 4 lbs (1.8 kg) 
Water Capacity: 0.85 Gallons (3.2 Liters)
Number of Pods:5
Telescoping Light Height:21" (53 cm)
Lights: Energy-Efficient, Full-Spectrum RBG Plant-Optimized LED Lighting Panel
Sensors:Relative Humidity, Temperature, Ambient Light, & Water Level
Connections:WiFi 802.11/b/g/n
Power:12V DC Power Supply
Water Pump:12V Water Pump
Colors:White, Space Gray, and Jet Black