BOTE Dock - The Inflatable Swim Platform

BOTE Dock - The Inflatable Swim Platform

PRICE: $ 999.00

BOTE Dock - The Inflatable Swim Platform

PRICE: $999.00
10 July 2019

Sometimes all we want is to feel the serenity and general happiness connected to being around water, without necessarily being in the water. There is more than one way to enjoy the lake, beach or swimming pool. And if you are not in the mood for swimming or exerting yourself too much, that’s okay, you can just float. The Bote Dock is a floating inflatable dock or swim platform made just for that and more. You can float it off the beach, use it as a platform for yoga, snorkeling, lake lounging and tanning. There’s room for family and friends so you can enjoy summer afternoons and spend quality time together.

The Bote Dock’s construction is highly stable and very durable. Composite drop-stitch fibers make up the core to render it an incredibly strong platform. The multi-textured deck pad is heat-sealed to shed water, cushioned for comfort and provided with anti-slip traction. To use, simply remove the dock from its wrap, unfold, attach the pump hose to the inflation valve, and fill it up to the specified pressure level. The Bote Dock is compatible with high-pressure pumps and in fact, comes with a hand pump included. Not only that, but it is accompanied by the Burrito, a slipcover, and sling that helps you to move it around easily.

The Bote Dock is comfortable, safe and appropriate for your water leisure activities. A bit pricey but this is one floating dock that will not be breaking too soon.

Avg. Weight:35 lbs
Max. Capacity:1050 lbs
Inflation Time:10 min