Black Squid Jacket - The Colour-Shifting Jacket

Black Squid Jacket - The Colour-Shifting Jacket

PRICE: € 895.00

Black Squid Jacket - The Colour-Shifting Jacket

PRICE: €895.00
05 October 2019

The Black Squid jacket is definitely your revolutionary jacket. It can change colors through its ability to mimic squid skin. Vollebak has replicated the ultimate biological survival mechanism of nature to create this must-have snowboard and ski jacket.

The Black Squid jacket can transform itself from being highly visible to being highly invisible, dependent on your needs. The special layer of cells in its skin acts like a mirror that can turn iridescent and radiantly bright.

Throughout the day, your jacket adopts a lot of styles. During the day it will resemble oil, in sunlight it will look like liquid metal, if you turn the flash right on to it, it will look like it comes from another planet, and at night it will look bionic.

Another characteristic worthy of mention is that it features a fully waterproof and windproof outer shell.

If you feel like you need it, just order the Black Squid Jacket risk free!

Fabric3 Layer, Made from Polyester, Resin and Glass
WaterproofTo Over 10,000mm, Fully Seam-Sealed
Front Pockets2, Large
Phone PocketLarge Internal Zipped with Headphone Loops
High Front CollarWith Chinguard and 6 Air Vents
Elasticated AdjustmentsOn Both Sides of the Hood to Fit a Helmet
Hand WashIn Cold Water
SizesXS, S, M, L, Xl, XXL
Built InPortugal