APÉRO Wine Opener Powered by N₂O

APÉRO Wine Opener Powered by N₂O

PRICE: $ 149.00

APÉRO Wine Opener Powered by N₂O

PRICE: $149.00
28 June 2019

Eliminate difficult cork-opening with this wine opener that is powered with nitrous oxide. Cut from a solid piece of aircraft-grade aluminum, this wine opener is the first one that uses nitrous oxide to open wine. With one button press, nitrous oxide gets released into the bottle, pressing the cork out from the inside, no twisting and pulling needed.

The APÉRO Wine Opener is small enough to sit behind the wine counter, but attractive enough that you will want to display it near your wine. It is the height of about half of that of a wine bottle and black in color.

Inside the box, there is the wine opener, the foil cutting accessory, an attractive storage box, and 2 nitrous oxide chargers.

Included:1 APÉRO Wine Opener
1 APÉRO Foil Cutting Accessory
1 APÉRO Storage Box
2 N₂O Chargers