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8+1 Top Tips You Have To Follow Before You Buy Your Dreaming E-bike

E-bikes are an economical and clean means of transport that are gaining popularity day-by-day. With zero emissions and no fuel consumption, it is becoming a popular choice of travel in densely populated cities where carbon emissions and traffic congestions are major issues. Compact E-bikes are a wonderful option for traveling through urban areas where traffic and parking availability is a problem. There are multiple characteristics of e-bikes you must pay attention to before finalizing a model; here are a few of them:

1. Traveling Range

E-bikes come in different travel ranges like short, medium and long-range e-bikes. You must have an idea about the average traveling distance you are planning to cover on the e-bike.

Also, you need to check out the “Pedelec” and “motor” ranges of the e-bike to be absolutely clear about what the e-bike’s exact range is.

Pedelec range is the hybrid range of the e-bike. i.e. the range when paddling is assisted by the motor depending on the speed of the e-bike. Whereas the “motor” range of the e-bike is the range it can travel without the paddling input.

You must pick an e-bike that best fits your traveling requirements. If you are looking for a medium ranged e-bike that can travel up to 20-60 miles at a speed of 28 MPH then the Cafe - The Commuter Electric Bike by Vintage Electric is the best option for you.


2. E-Bike Classes

E-bikes are divided into many classes based vary based on their drive technology.

The Pedelec e-bikes are the ones that have a combination of paddling and motor power and the engaging and disengaging mechanism works automatically based upon the speed of the e-bike. At higher speeds (usually above 25 km/hr) the motor is disengaged.

S-pedelec bikes are another variant of the pedelec versions, except that the motor does not disengage at any point of the drive. For such e-bikes license and registration plate is necessary. The regulations to drive S-pedelec e-bikes vary from country to country and must be checked before driving the e-bikes on the road.

Another option of the e-bike available in the market is the manual input. The manual input type e-bikes allow the motor inputs on manual request by the driver (usually by pressing a button on the handle).

Pedelec and S-pedelec bikes are best suited for the hilly areas and on routes that are enervating.

Sun & Fun - The Folding Electric Bicycle by MOAR is a great pedelec option available in the market. It comes with flat tires and a 7-speed Shimano gear that helps you ride effectively on even slightly difficult terrains.


3. Aesthetical Appeal

Aesthetics of an e-bike play an important role in the selection of the right bike.

While you want your e-bike to appear different from the ordinary bikes, a sleek and stylish e-bike like the Gi fly bike will really have heads turning no matter where you go. Now you can travel on your e-bike in style.


4. Your Weight and Health

Your weight matters a lot in selecting the right e-bike. You must check the allowable weight that the e-bike allows and buy one accordingly. If you will overload an e-bike then you will reduce its efficiency and the battery’s life will be substantially reduced.

5. Compact Size

Compact e-bikes are one of the most stylish e-bikes available out there. If you want to travel to urban locations like your university campus or a bustling marketplace, then compact e-bikes are the best option for you.

Parking is a big problem at urban centers and a foldable e-bike like A-bike Electric is a great e-bike to solve your parking problems. The compact e-bikes can be folded and packed up to the size of a suitcase and you can carry it along. Interestingly, you can carry your e-bike, when it’s not carrying you!


6. Technical Aspects to Check

A few technical aspects of your e-bike you need to have a basic idea about are. 

  • Battery Manufacturer

Check the battery of the e-bike to be from a quality manufacturer. High-quality batteries last longer and are reliable. A substandard battery can save you cost initially, but the trouble it will give later on will be worth much more than the initial saving!

  • Battery Capacity

You must have a general idea about the battery capacity. The higher the capacity the more charge it will hold and the longer you can travel. But consequently, the larger batteries are heavier and costlier. Select the battery capacity that best suits your budget and traveling distance.

  • The Motor

The mounting of the motor is another important characteristic to look for.

The motors that are connected via a crank generate more torque than the motors directly coupled on the wheel hub. Hence the crank-mounted motors are good for hilly areas.

  • E-bike Modification kits

Now you can convert any bike into an e-bike just by installing an e-bike kit. One of the most reliable and easy to install e-bike kits can be acquired from Bimoz who produce the best Premium e-bike modification kits.


7. The Test Ride

Never buy an e-bike without taking it out for a test ride. The reality can be very different from what you read in the description. Make yourself comfortable with the e-bike before you buy one.

8. Warranty

Check out for the warranty being offered and the parts it is being offered for. The battery and the motor are the most important parts that should be covered under warranty.

8+1. Accessories

When purchasing an e-bike, try to get as many accessories installed on it as possible, as later retrofits are time-consuming and costlier.