4D Concrete Watch by 22 Design Studio

4D Concrete Watch by 22 Design Studio

PRICE: $ 760.00

4D Concrete Watch by 22 Design Studio

PRICE: $760.00
04 November 2019

22 Design Studio’s 4D Concrete Watch brings architecture to life on your wrist, displaying time’s journey through a delicately crafted space. The passing of the three-dimensional watch hands across the cured-concrete dial creates a unique play of light and shadow, while the movement’s echo in the darkness below the spiral stairs serves as a constant reminder of the 4th dimension: time. Concrete begins as a liquid mixture of different elements, but once it adjusts, it becomes as solid as a rock. The simple geometric shapes of the design emphasize concrete’s strength and showcase its rugged beauty. While showing the date, the atrium also peeks into the movement’s inner workings. The Minimal edition reveals the essential elements of 22 Design Studio’s design concept and is suitable for those who lives in low intensity.

Materials:Sellita SW200-1 Swiss movement, Brushed Brass case,
high-density concrete, sapphire glass lens, Italian genuine leather bands
Case Measurement:Ø 45mm D14.5mm
Case Weight:110g
Leather Strap Width:22-20mm (Pin buckle)
Leather Strap Length:

Standard 80mm/125mm
(Suitable for wrist circumference 155mm-195mm)
Large 90mm/135mm
(Suitable for wrist circumference 195mm+)
Leather Strap Thickness:3.5mm
Warranty:2 years (leather band excluded)